Time for Latinos & Blacks To UNITE... #STAYWOKE

In light of all that is happening in Texas on America's border with Mexico, to me America is no longer the Beacon of Hope… As an old world power, today’s America have partnered with the Legion of Doom and married to this term called evil.  We have new nation "friends" that have been our enemies every since I was born nearly fifty years ago.  


The Statue of Liberty, an iconic landmark of America, should be packed up and sent back to France because making America Great Again, means turning back the clock to intimidating anyone and everyone that does not belong to the White race. 


So how did coming to this country become a crime?  The term illegal immigrants or illegal criminal alien is used by the current administration as being problematic.  


If we look at the history of immigration in this country, being illegal has everything with being unwanted, and more often than not, that has everything to do with race and ethnicity.


There is a strong racist history of illegal immigration.



For a long time there was no such thing as “illegal” immigration because there were no immigration laws.  In the early days European settlers came over and claimed Native American land as their own and Africans were brought here against our will on slave ships.  When the US established a government, immigrants flocked the United States based on the promise of equality and freedom.   The border was open.  It was clear.  The Naturalization Act of 1790 signed by President George Washington said only “white people” were welcomed as citizens.  Every wave of newcomer was met by resistance from the Anglo-Saxon Protestants claim they were here first.


Even white immigrants like Italians and the Irish were discriminated against for being Catholic.    By the late 19th Century, immigrants from China were also living in the US.  As the US went through economic recession, the Chinese were targeted because there were claims they took jobs.   So the President and Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.  This was the first major immigration reform that banned people from the US.    


In the early 1900’s, eugenics became popular.  Eugenics legitimized racism as science.   Eugenics was a racial hierarchy placing Northern Europeans at the very top over Asian and Negros.  




The next major immigration laws were signed and came in 1924.  The law set up a nationality–based quota system that capped from Southern and Eastern Europe, and banned essentially all African and Asian countries.


The term "illegal immigrants" started to be seen in major newspapers. 


In the 1960’s, Congress tried to remove the racist quota system.   The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act reopened borders to Asian professional workers but for the first time there was a restriction on Latin Americans.   This is the starting point of this national debate. 


Jobs, Identity and way of life is what this national debate is about.


As a democracy, America is fulfilling the political agenda of the leader, who America voted into office.   Today, at least one third of our nation, is very satisfied with the performance of our US President Donald Trump. 




I remember asking our local Black Lives Matter movement, why would we not rally to stop the election of Donald Trump?  San Antonio Blacks had no real interest and didn’t see Trump as a threat.   However, the Black Lives Matter movements did take on Hillary Clinton.   In hindsight, was that a good decision?


After spending 7 days in Galveston, Texas – the birthplace of Juneteenth – where Blacks, like me, learned of our freedom from slavery almost two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln, I wonder how do we process June 19th and the lessons learned?   


America has never treated any person of color very kind.    I share that Blacks do not have a corner on the market with cruel and unusual treatment in America.  While slavery and the torture we endured is the greatest, we do have a moral responsibility to help others in the cause for freedom.   




So Black America, what do you think about Trump’s “Children Prisons” on the Mexico border?  Department of Homeland Security reports about 2,000 minors separated from their parent.   If these were my children, I would lose my mind. 


But again, I ask Black America, what did you believe about DACA when that was the issue?  To me, today’s child abuse on the border makes the earlier DACA debate pale in comparison?


                                                              Photo Credit: Lori Winston


In San Antonio, Texas in July 2018, we have the NAACP National Convention coming to town!   Ideally this international civil rights convention will provide a major light to what injustice looks like.  


During the last NAACP media event I attended, DACA was on the agenda that a LULAC representative spoke to the needs for us to unite at this time.   There were murmors and sadly critics who asked why are we entertaining their agenda.  


 Photo Credit:  Christopher Herring


Black people – Black America we must wake up.   Rolling back the rights for any people of color is a sign that make America great again, can impact us in a major way.  We can return back to slavery…because we repeat the mistakes of the past. UNLESS we wake up…and #StayWoke.


“There were 120,000 Japanese were incarcerated (in WWII) – we say this should never happen again, but it is happening again.” said Senator Mazie Hirono, Democrat of Hawaii.  


Babies being separated from their parents is evil.   The audio is horrible to hear 6 year old girls and boys sobbing to see their parents.  America is creating a living nightmare.   Our Latino community is in need.


In America’s #1 city with the largest Hispanic population, we should have a dynamic march and demonstration to document the real frustration this US administration has caused in San Antonio, Texas.


In America’s #1 city with the largest Hispanic population, we, Black people, should mobilize to support DACA and to stop the child abuse being caused by the Trump Administration. “Illegal immigration” impacts our African brothers and sisters too!

Today, marks a significant time in US History, where Hispanics or Latino Americans are experiencing their traumatic moment.   Black people endured 400+ years of slavery, Asians were placed into interments/concentration camps during WWII, and Native Americans almost annihilated by the Cowboys during the same time of our Emancipation.   No person of Color has been treated as equals, or fairly to White America.


Am I radical in expressing this view?  No.   In fact, I am expressing the obvious.  I am expressing what we talk about but afraid to write.   No… Black America as long as we continue to view Our issues in ISOLATION, Our issues will always be our issue.   Black America, it’s time to rally and support our Hispanic community.   


 Angeles Valenciano, National Diversity Council


My good friend Angeles Valenciano, who is the CEO of the National Diversity Council wrote to me, " I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the actions to remove children at the border from their parents.  As an immigrant and US citizen I find this policy not just cruel, it's immoral.   I cannot remain silent on these images that are so similar of the internment camps that were used for US and noncitizens of Japanese descent during World War II.   Today we see children in cages and converted warehouses or tent cities in the desert outside of El Paso.   Today, I add my voice to the many that are calling for this devastating and shameful practice to end." 


Nearly 2,000 children are separated from their parents since Trump administration zero-tolerance policy.


As Black people are we conflicted?    For me,  I weigh on my Faith before my Blackness.   There is no Heaven for Blackness – there is a Heaven for the Faithful.   I say this because during the historical time of Jesus Christ, he said, “When I was a stranger, you did not welcome me.”


Why?   Why are we missing focusing on this core issue of America?


America used to pride herself of being a country of immigrants.  This was the fancy term.   America was made of migrant and refugees and the target of Jesus message. 

On this Juneteenth, I often wonder COULD we have another period of slavery in America?   The answer is YES! Our nation’s prison are filled with Black men and women.   Could we see another Holocaust?  YES!   Could we see more Concentration Camps?  YES! 


Today, we can and should expect all of these things and more.    The question is how do we unite on these major discriminatory issues?   Who will rise up to challenge status quo?   


I encourage you to study the US history that talks about the racism built into our immigration policies.   Read the parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible.   Know that when Romans 13 is used by Republican idiots to justify our country’s actions that this was the same scripture used to justify Slavery.  


To keep a peaceful mind, read Matthew Chapter 7 that teaches us LOVE.   This is our call to action on Juneteenth!




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