Alamo Plaza, MLK Park & Kids in Cages


Kids in cages, babies on cement floors, Alamo Plaza is at stake, Hays Street Bridge's view is shaky at best, Otis Thompson is fighting for MLK Park, and the city just lost A MILLION DOLLARS.


I am not the best at math but one person said something to me and a friend of mine one day.  If you missed the Observer's interview with Queen of Comedy Sommore you may not of heard that to her- she knows math.  As Tha1 Radio's Owner, Neka Cleaver and myself sat down with Sommore for a chat we realized that no matter the level of involvement of any aspect wether in business or life, usually math will keep you grounded.


We need to end on positives and not negatives.  We need to see things coming down the line because maybe what is happening right in front of us now will all 'add' up to the answer and you can beat the answer with fight first.  


-No I don't support Alamo Plaza being 'caged' up

-No I don't support MLK park NOT being fully utilized as Hardberger Park is and Hardberger is no Dr. Martin Luther King

-No I don't support kids in cages and babies on the floor (good gosh who would? well Trump but consider the source)


Oh, and the city just LOST 1,000,000.00, yes that is ONE MILLION dollars fighting there own fire union.  The Supreme Court basically told San Antonio to kick rocks and thats what they did and drove on back down to City Hall I suppose to conjure up the next 'take down'.  


San Antonio's leaders are squandering money away, City Manager Sheryl Sculley needs to be put on notice and that is what the Fire Union looks like it plans to do because the Mayor is her bodyguard to all things aimed at Sculley so we cannot count on him to take care of it so thank you FIRE UNION & SUPREME COURT!


Another person also told me this- if you don't want a certain outcome you don't do certain things.  DO BETTER SAN ANTONIO, you have blacks and browns who would like to be here and are here and we aren't leaving.  We will continue to spread that message as the city and county continue their message- blacks and browns are shut out.


Side note: To the resident in Dellcrest who filled her chain link fence with cups to show messages of hope- you are appreciated!  This week's message was: HUG SOMEBODY.  That sounds simple enough.  Thank you Dellcrest resident! You keep up a lot of spirits just using your fence, I drive by a lot to get a little happiness.





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