CITY LOSES $1,000,000.00


If you've been reading you remember our story, City Hall Is on Fire and San Antonio Firefighters Can Not Help stated in laymen's terms the following:


To put it simply, the Fire Union is basically saying (in our opinion)-


1.  Scully gets paid a ridiculous sum of money (half a mill a year+) and it needs to change for any future city manager to avoid any future city run by the manager and not by the mayor;

2.  If the City tries to put crazy demands in a contract then the fire union can call for someone to mediate the situation for both sides to find common ground and achieve an agreement;

3.  Don't make us get more signatures for a petition then this whole city can even get to the polls to vote on a new mayor!  Let's bring the requirement down to an achievable level, if an individual or organization decides to ignite change through grass roots efforts by obtaining signatures for the public to vote on. 


The city LOST!  Yes, that is correct.  The Supreme Court basically said figure it out and the city loses over $1,000,000.00 in the legal battle.  The $1,000,000 gamble risk tax payer money as if we were going to Las Vegas to win a fortune.    What could a cool $1 MILL do for our communities?  Our city?  The ins and outs are intrinsic yet obvious but we will (as promised) keep you up to date as these issues will be on your voting ballot and you must be educated.  Read all the information you can so you can make your best decision for your vote.


I am not sure how Mrs. Sculley, who compensates herself so nicely through the City Council and the Mayor did not have the ability to see a loss coming and know that their $1 million was a waste of our resources.  Now, they are literally demanding the Fire Union Chief return to the bargaining table as if this is the right thing for Steele to do.  The Fire Union said they would have come IF the city would have dropped it's lawsuit.    Even with the loss, the Mayor is going to continue to raise money and possibly lose on every single ballot issue in November.    The Mayor called the Fire Union PETTY.  Well the Supreme Court disagrees with Mayor Nirenberg and the City Manager Sculley. The Supreme court does not think this is 'PETTY' nor do the taxpayers.


Up next week:  What are we voting on?  Stay tuned.  We have an exclusive interview with Chris Steele... the SA Observer will break the news straight from the source!






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