“Superfly” is Super Stupid!

People in the entertainment world are often looked at as role models. They may be at times and at other times pure idiots. Those we hold in high esteem often are often great rappers, singers, and actors, but when it comes to politics and history they can be just as ignorant as ignorant as the rest of the population. There are celebrities that have said sexist things, not to mention that have committed criminal acts, racist comments, and ridiculous viewpoints. I frankly am not one that believes if you have a lot of money you can say or do whatever you want without being slapped down for saying stupid stuff. I don’t have to go into the black exploitation films of the 1960s and 1970s to make the point that Hollywood has always been a purveyor of prejudice; of making movies that degrade black people. There have been some improvements but not enough to make blacks folks think “We have arrived!” With the improvements has come the wishful thinking in much the same way people fooled themselves into thinking that racism would disappear with the election of Barack Obama.



This brings me to the not so new "Superfly" movie. Forget the acting and the music, this movie is a bust, and according to many it is “total garbage.” According to an article by Julian Roman, a black film critic, on Movieweb Online, it is a movie that denigrates women and engages in racial stereotyping. The original "Superfly" movie was bad enough, but this movie plays to a “ghetto reinforcing mentality.” The movie  deals with a drug dealer name “Priest” is trying to get out of the drug business and live happily ever after even though he has destroyed many young people’s lives with his drug sales. The original “Superfly” movie was the same baloney. The pimp leaves his crime life behind but there is no reconciliation of the lives he destroyed. Both “Superfly” bozos have no idea of the havoc they helped to create in their community, but they want to go away and live happily with the crimes that they already committed against their own community.


According to the Movieweb article, the movie characters are “depthless, stereotype reinforcing caricatures without a brain cell between them.” In my opinion, the movie should be boycotted and trashed. Worst of all, the movie is aimed at making black women look really bad. The women in the movie are treated just like objects with zero degree brains. According to Ms. Roman this movie is simply described as a”damn shame.” This new “Superfly” movie is a waste and lacks the visual effects of the original. The director, a guy who unfortunately calls himself Director X, playing on a Malcolm X image, is anything but a man that would use an X at the end of his name. There are a few cheap lines in the movie like when a rival gang leader says, “This ain’t checkers, it’s chess,” when in fact a dumb gang banger would not even know that chess is not a game you can use in life without a lot more knowledge that goes beyond any chess game. I know a few folks that can play chess quite well but are terrible in the game of life! The film does not consider the victims of drug addiction as did the original and this completely sinks the movie to a complete low.


Director X is really Julien Christian Lutz and a film maker in Canada. He is a music producer with a clothing line that might be sunk from making this trash. The film was rated “R” but that is a stretch. It is worse than that in some ways. The idea of a “Superfly” is mostly myth as hundreds of them have not outsmarted anybody. In fact, a lot of “Superflies” are setting in prison with no hope of ever getting out to make some last super deal. Director X, and I hate called him that since it is being disrespectful to those brothers that have truly made a change, says of the drug dealers, “These are guys that are JUST (my emphasis) trying to sell their drugs and do their business and keep out of the violence, keep out of the foolishness.” What a jerk! Director X is so ignorant it is beyond belief. Because his character does not kill does not mean that selling drugs will not lead to a state of violence. Selling drugs is an act of violence in and of itself. You can’t wash your hands of violence when people are overdosing and going to the cemetery or jail from your capitalist enterprise. The original Black panthers had it right when they said, “Capitalism plus dope equals genocide.”  

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