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I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday and the day off.  Hopefully you spent it with those who make you happy.  I think that these days- happiness is what we need a lot more of.  It has be scorching to the point that I am thinking a lot of our youngsters have been enjoying the new Lincoln Park Splash Pad.  Parents also ;)!


Although we are sweating right now, fall, is literally, right around the corner.  With fall comes early voting and then elections.  But who is running this go round?  What positions are even up for election?  Is there anything on the ballot this November that directly affects your household or life?  


HECK yes there is!  


Stephanie Zarriello and Chris Steele 


We have been talking about how the Fire Union Charter Amendments have been added to YOUR ballot.  The choice is yours- the choice is up to all of San Antonio (please come out to vote).  


But what are the Fire Union's Charter Amendments that you will have to check YES or NO on and what do they mean?  We are here to inform you each and every week and this week let's start with our 'friend' City Manager Sheryl Sculley.  




1. Sculley's salary is around 550,000 a year including bonuses

2. The President makes 200,000 a year

3. The Governor of Texas makes around 240,000


Just so we are all on the same page, San Antonio's City Manager makes MORE money by watching over City Council and having backdoor sidestepped meetings that pushes her salary ABOVE BOTH the President and Governor's salaries COMBINED. It's ok, I needed a minute too.. let that sink in.


It is very important to understand and research and obtain all the information you can on Sheryl Sculley.  Wether you read it here (you'll get the down right dirty truth- if it's dirty that is) or you read elsewhere- please just read up on it wherever you see it being discussed because this is important to you and your family.  An informed decision is the one that is best for your vote.  


Look up the President's Salary, look up the Governor's Salary and then- look up Sculley's. That's where complete confusion comes in- yes her salary is insanity and the Mayor and City Council have supported this.  Crazy- absolutely- Crazy.  I could put this all into a bow and make it sound so professional but at the end of the day we all need the truth so we know how we can fix it with ourselves and that is by voting. 


I met with Fire Union Chief, Chris Steele, this past week and we had a very in-depth conversation that will open your eyes to what is REALLY going on.  You know life, there are always 2 sides to the story and the truth.  One thing that doesn't lie is numbers.  In this case, we have numbers, we have polls, we have in-depth studies to forecast the outcome of this vote the best we can.  He said a lot more that will get YOU in 'the know'.  As we start going more and more in depth with these elections and charter amendments each week, you will feel confident on what you decide to vote for come election time.  


Mayor Nirenberg- they are not coming to the table yet. I invite you and your colleagues to find out more about this issue that you have, by reading our exclusive interview with Mr. Steele next Wednesday.


Stay tuned to next week's issue as we go in-depth with Fire Union Chief, Chris Steel to address and educate the City of San Antonio Resident's on what now is- your decision.



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