Trump's Supreme Court

 Photo courtesy of: Jesse L. Jackson Jr.


"We are in a 100 year conservative and regressive process officially. We are looking at

the end of 2nd Reconstruction. From Brown versus the Board of Education, and principles established by the 14th Amendment, to the modern civil rights movement, expect Donald Trump’s Court to declare most of that progress unconstitutional.  Trump will use this appointment to bolster his support and position in the midterm elections. His right wing base will appreciate this."


To not seat President Barack Obama’s nominee for the United States Supreme Court has ramifications that impact racism on every federal issue in the country and on the entire planet.


This is what is at stake in the November election in addition to impeaching Donald Trump with the Mueller report, we need a Supreme Court judge.   Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is ailing and she is one of our votes.


As long as you live, do not forget the day, that the Senate of the United States denied a sitting United States president an opportunity to appoint a justice under the constitution, because they wanted to wait for Donald Trump, a white man to do it. Obama’s judge would not have voted for racism.


 Photo Courtesy of: Jesse L. Jackson Jr.


I pray that you can hear my message to you. With the announcement of the resignation of Justice Kennedy, and the inevitable appointment by Donald Trump of a new Supreme Court justice, the court is going to change our reality, it will be a reality that only our children will truly come to know. The limits that reality will place upon human liberty and thinking, will challenge the conscience of mankind and womankind for many generations.


As a result we are going to be given an extraordinary opportunity, to dream and build a new reality, a new America, and a new world that could not have come into existence without the dismantling of the old. Let the dismantling come at their hands. Let it not be on our own.


Let the New World be of our dreams, not the destroyers of the old order. They are under an illusions that our lives have somehow deprived them of some form of liberty. History shows a different deprivation.


If we want an end to injustice, we must plan it (FDR). If we want an end to racism, we must dream it (MLK). If we want a sustainable environment, we must plant it (J3).


 Photo Courtesy of: Jesse L. Jackson Jr.


Every fiber of my being I am trying to hold on to all of the progress that we have made. What I now know, is the progress that we have made, was, at best temporary, and it was and is in my mind. It is in your mind, your mind is the temple human progress. Therein dwells the divine, “to love one God and our neighbor as ourselves.” This is the Sum of high religion. We can not control the wind, but we can direct the sail.

The world that we desire, never existed in the Congress or the Supreme Court or the Whitehouse. It exists in the heart of the human mind.


The new world will also come into existence when we change our behavior, that is, how we see the one true God, ourselves, how we see our neighbors, and how we raise our children. Our children will be a gift to the future we will never live to see.


This world will pass away and we will forge a world of our dreams.


The spirit whispered to me last night. “We are going to be ok.”


Jesse L. Jackson Jr. is a former American politician who served as a Democratic Congressman representing Illinois's 2nd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 1995 until his resignation in 2012. He is the son of activist and former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson and, prior to his career in elected office, worked for his father in both the elder Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign and his social justice, civil rights and political activism organization, Operation PUSH.  Jackson has co-authored books on civil rights and personal finance.






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