“1 GOD1Love will be an experiment of Black Males "working together.” This

experiment is a working concept to bring local African American leaders of various religions together to see if "working together" is something they can accomplish through finding a common cause, without allowing their differences in religion beliefs to affect a positive outcome.  The overall goal is to prove or confirm that African Americans can put differences aside and work together for a common cause.


If the common notion is “Blacks cannot work together”, and we can disprove this by bringing Black Men who have differing and strong ideologies about faith together to work cohesively as ‘one’ for a common cause, this experiment will provide the proof required to dispel that notion.  This experiment (hopefully) will serve as an example, not just for the Black Race, but an example for all mankind to follow and build upon, proving that diversity in thought, deed or action should not be a dividing line but perhaps a divine line. A divine line that leads to healthy and wholesome common and continuous goals for the betterment of each male participant, flowing down as positive examples. These positive examples will build stronger family foundations that strengthens communities and neighborhoods. And provide much needed constructive outreach and gainful possibilities, especially for Black Males in San Antonio.


Although this is a small and simplistic experiment geared towards African American males, it can provide a huge and positive outcome igniting encouragement for all Americans to follow!  However, the fire smoldering in the bellies of the Black man must be fanned to full flame amongst each other before the light of their combined fire can light the path of their fellow brethren. This Lighthouse Luncheon and Open Panel Discussion will be the second step to this six month experiment. The first step is to see if these men of faith can agree to just talk to each other. You must know that AME’s don’t talk to COGIC and Baptist don’t to talk to The Nation of Islam.


Ultimately, at the end of this six (6) month period, the plan is to report (positively) to the

community-at-large, during DREAM WEEK and the MLK March that these men have come together, under 1 GOD for 1 Love for the betterment of themselves, their race, their families – and eventually for the betterment of their city, and with God’s grace, this country!


To document the pros and cons of this experimental process, we’ve asked local African American Media to be present during the entire process.


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