NO HATE MESSAGE- 2018 NAACP CONVENTION (and no #pettypattis)



Hi neighbors and friends and welcome to all of you who have traveled to the city of San Antonio for the 2018 NAACP Convention!  


I believe this is the time, in one of the most segregated cities in the nation, that your photos, your memories, and most importantly your  NO HATE message will be captured across San Antonio. Your message of inclusion will hopefully be heard to Bexar County and the City of San Antonio.


My message to San Antonio:  No #pettypattis because Black people are on the River Walk (one day I counted 8 Black people out of hundreds and hundreds.)  We wish the Riverwalk would be inclusive of our communities both black and brown but that is not the case. 



I am sorry to report there is not one Black owned restaurant or store for you to enjoy this weekend downtown on the River Walk.  Not one.  Most of the dollars you spend will go into the mainstream economy that does not include Black people.   We've tried - but San Antonio's business politics have mastered the word - shutout.  Although we are not totally out of they way from downtown,  the East Side is where you will find our business cluster.   Tony G's Restaurant  and Mrs. Kitchen's  have great SOUL FOOD and super close on the other side of the railroad tracks is Marc's Outing, you won't be disappointed with his award winning burgers.  They are all right down the street from the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center and so are a lot of other Black businesses.  Just head on over to the Eastside- we are only 2 minutes up the street !


You are now part of history- capture it.  How is it, that you are part of history?  Everything Black stops on the downtown side of the railroad tracks (we are on the other side).  The historical site Ellis Alley is the landmark used to describe where Blacks were forced to live after slavery ended.  This is the East Side.   Our development stops, jobs stop and unjust treatment begins.  Ironically that is usually where it happens in most underserved communities, isn't it?  Right after the railroad tracks and warehouse districts that look like they are about to cave in- meanwhile back at the ranch you have a sticky note on your front door with a 30 day eviction notice because your house is now about to be gentrified and the housing wait list is at 7 months.  Sadly, we all know that story too well.


153 years ago, in 1827 before I was born, a few free black men met in New York City.  They said Black Voices needed to be heard.  Our Messages needs to be sent.  There was no email, no phone only a maybe a courier.  Print was the first form of press/media and at that time Blacks were not allowed to read white papers, so then became the FREEDOM JOURNAL.  Editors, Cornish and Russwurm wanted black communities to be able to communicate with each other and more so to allow information into the hands of enslaved Blacks. states that The FREEDOM JOURNAL was not born solely out of the perceived need to defend African Americans as much as a desire within the black community to create a forum that would express their views and advocate for their causes.  Russwurm and Cornish placed great value on the need for reading and writing as keys to empowerment for the Black population and they hoped a Black newspaper would encourage literacy and intellectual development among African Americans.  


Hold your newspaper.  Read your newspaper.  Take back what is yours and give it to your children to read.  Russwurm and Cornish not only needed to send messages and information but they knew they must improve literacy and provide that to the people. We cannot all afford hefty subscription newspapers or pay a few bucks at the grocery store for a paper when bread will feed the kids for a few days and a newspaper won't. We are part of the free black press and invite you to be a part of our community as we all are one.  


When white supremacy is abolished is when the other side of the railroad tracks will be discovered.  The other side will be discovered in people and not in properties.  


"Dear White People,


No one is asking you to apologize for your ancestors.  


We are asking you to dismantle the systems of oppression they built, that you maintain and benefit from." - Author Unknown


I am pleased to announce the addition of Texas Capitol Update.   Texas State Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins wants to convey what she is doing to free her community and her people.  We invite other leaders and public agencies to do the same.   The people we represent demand more.  We are the voice and continue to serve.   


Visit us at Facebook: and online here at


We are glad you are here and to our neighbors- enjoy:)




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