The New East Side - Hays Goes ALL WHITE

The Hays Street Bridge was fought for by minority communities and groups for a very long time, especially by the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group.  A+B Architecture (see photo) shows the planned sitting area outback of the planned retail space they will have there.  It is truly concerning to choose to show a photo of all white people relaxing when 2 non-whites provide entertainment.


 Photo: submitted by resident from community meeting


The morning after the Fourth of July, the word came out that City Manager Sheryl Sculley approved the Hays Street Bridge development.  It wasn't a shock as her record of pushing projects that the voters never asked for or even cases caught up in the courts is her mode of operation.   After, fighting with the Fire Union, and losing over a million dollars to a court decision that went against her wishes, she quickly was determined NOT to let another Texas Supreme Court loss, impact her ability to get what she wants.    Sculley made the decision with no statement to the press.     The newly elected board members of the Digniwity Hills Neighborhood Association went against previous board decisions to enable Sculley to have her way.    It is not certain why the East Side overall sentiments were not included but of course our community feels the gut punch although we are not surprised.  San Antonio's City Manager's character is in grave danger as she makes closed door moves that would cause anyone to look deeper.


The Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group fought for years all to lose their battle to an outsider.  Many are wondering how the City Manager was able to approve this project when the Texas Supreme Court hearing of the dispute is not until September 13th.  Sculley's City Attorney, Mr. Andy Segovia, told Sculley that the impending Supreme Court Case does not affect her approving or disapproving the project and that the court's will still hear the case.  The Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group is trying to ensure Sculley's hands are tied to moving forwards, such as issuing building citations, until the case is heard at The Texas Supreme Court.  The Group's request is in the hands of Judge Laura Salinas who has not given any order as of yet.  The Court will more than likely favor with the restoration group, but it is the hope of the manager, the project will be underway.   Her hope is that she will not be embarrassed, yet again, by the Courts she believes she is superior too.  


The City Manager's implied message to the East Side..."Let's fast forward gentrification".. "what are you going to do?"    As you think of this story, look at the truly insensitive image for the new Hays Street Bridge apartments.




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