BBQ Becky & Childish Gambino

The nicknames are getting pretty crazy.  Why?  Because people are black.


   BBQ Becky displays Childish Gambino's message: "This Is America"


We've got: 


1.  Permit Patty (white lady called cops for little girl selling lemonade on her home's 



2.  Pool Patrol Paula (white lady called cops for black man wearing socks at community


3.  BBQ Becky (white lady called cops for black people bbq'ing in the park)

4.  ID Adam (white man called cops demanding ID of a black woman at complex pool

     when pool pass was not good enough)


We could go on to sleeping in dorms, mowing the grass, meeting at Starbucks, trying to use a coupon at CVS, eating at Waffle House, or just walking or breathing.  Unfortunately America doesn't get it.  Or do they?  They do, at least most of them do.  They are just faking it out in public- SOME... OK a lot, per the stats above and many more.


The word racist is strong and direct.  No white person will agree they are racist because of the acts they portray, they only agree to the people in the 'circle'.  The circle is large but tight.  Sounds confusing but let me explain.  Inside a white home and community you know when to 'lock' the doors both at home and in the car.  Racial Slurs are casually used as the equivalent of Texas saying the word 'y'all', the words: soul food, are laughed at as if it's a joke (and it's NEVER eaten), and please don't let your hand touch theirs even if you are purchasing something from them because the next question when they leave is who has the hand sanitizer.  Harsh Brutal and True.  


The more upset and defensive a white person is about this opinion from an insider, the more they prove all of the above true.


One thing I do know is the names of all those people who have and are still calling cops on black people.  I don't know one name of the people who they called on.  Why? 


Because hopefully America can see this white bullshit.


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