July 18, 2018

A supermax deal could be on the table for Spurs Player Kawhi Leonard as he decides on being traded

Kawhi Leonard who is now eligible to receive the supermax contract from the Spurs, gives no clear indication if he would be willing to sign the deal from San Antonio. This $219 million 5 year deal would make Leonard the highest played player in the NBA.  Also, if not careful, Leonard will leave behind millions of ‘moral money’ (we are thinking maybe he should show some gratefulness and maybe a shake of give a crap for his fans) if he left San Antonio.  San Antonio is different Leonard, we know.  We don’t have the ‘glitz and glam’ to satisfy your career.  Amongst many other factors, that has remained as a constant.  

As talk swirls around Leonard’s uncle being his mouthpiece he has gone after the teams with those glitz, glam, and fame all around them such as the Lakers (LA), Clippers (LA), Celtics (MA), and the 76’ers (PA).  

If the extension is not signed with the Spurs, by Leonard this season, then after being traded Leonard will be eligible to sign a five year $190 million contract. No supermax deal can be signed by Leonard with any other team.

It would be nice if Leonard would use his own voice so the fans who have brought him this far would be treated respectfully, as without San Antonio you have no mark on the map.  But remember- there is no ‘glitz and glamour’ here.

Good luck Leonard, just remember that community and loyalty run deep here in SA. 


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