D2 Back To School Pride

July is winding down already and we are just a few weeks and a wake up away from another first day of school. How time flies! I hope most of us are getting a chance to stay in doors or enjoy a water activity because it is a heat wave lately. Temperatures have hit highs of 107 + in some areas. Please stay hydrated it’s the easiest thing to do when it’s too late so get your glass of water and keep it full all day.


As we approach back to school and the normal schedules again remember that District 2 will be having a plethora of back to school events where parents can get the supplies and resources they need to send their kids back to school prepared for a successful year. Please read through our pages and spread the word on any events or services you know a neighbor may be in need of.  Also visit our website at www.saobserver.com or on Facebook @210observer to continue to stay up to date.

Many children are in need, and it is not always a 'want' need.  As most of us can relate, imagine just working all the time and still coming up short.  Robbing Peter (again) to pay Paul (Paul must be rich!).  Been there, done that and see so many young mothers still trying to make ends meet as fathers are not around in a lot of cases to tie the ends together.  I do hear many people also take the opinion of- 'I buy my child's school supplies but they pass them out to everyone else', I remember that too so I bought a big marker and put my kids name all over everything- sorry but I did:).  


If we have an extra pencil, a sharpener, a backpack let us know and we will come and get it.  We will also be donating 100 backpacks again this summer so stay tuned for more information on where to grab yours!


To the mom's running a single parent household high five, and to the dad's running a single parent household high five!  But unfortunately, that is more the norm than the not so norm and as a community we do what we can.  We cannot pay monthly bills, such as rent, car notes, and health insurance, cell phones etc., BUT we can make it a whole hell of a lot easier and so we shall.  


Much love D2! #D2Pride




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