Fire Union Money- Where is it going?

July 25, 2018

San Antonio Fire Union President Urges Voters to Take Sculley's Salary Come November but at what cost?



The San Antonio Fire Union sent out an email to their subscriber list reiterating the eye blinding salary that San Antonio pays our City Manager, Sheryl Sculley- $550,000 + bonuses/yearly.  There have been many articles from many sources in and around San Antonio that show results and how they feel about their City Manger's salary- they are ready to take it.  San Antonionians have the ability to do just that as this specific Fire Union message addresses Sculley's salary and that this will be one of the choices on the November voting ballot.  The email from Union Chief, Chris Steele, states: Did you know that San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley currently makes more than our Governor and the President of the United States combined?  PROPOSITION 1 on the ballot this fall will ensure that the city manager has to be approved by 8 council members, can only serve 8 years, and can't make more than 10x the least-paid city employee.  The email continues on to urge you to share this on FB and to let everyone know.



Sharing is knowledge and knowledge is power, but what is the reason we are sharing this so widely right before elections?  Surely the Fire Union has something to obtain in exchange for Sculley's salary.  The question is, when their contract is renewed what is in the contract that is going to cost San Antonio tax payers so much for so long that will go to the Fire Union if anything?  What if Sculley's astronomical salary is CHEAPER than what the Fire Union wants (not needs, but wants)?  Next week we will dive into: San Antonio Taxpayers for Sculley OR San Antonio Taxpayers for the Fire Union- where is the money going?  We will lay it out for you to make an informed decision about WHERE your money will be going, to whom it will be going to, and if Sculley's salary is cheaper than the want of the Fire Union.






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