Update: Fire Union Charter Amendment #1

Fire Union- Where is the money going?


If you did not have a chance to read last week's article you may find it at saobserver.com.  For those that did here and online and on all social media outlets we appreciate your interest in truly finding out where the money is coming from and going to and for what.  


There are 3 Charter Amendments that will be on your voting ballot. 


Let's look at number 1. 


Charter Amendment 1:


City Manager Accountability Act Reads EXACTLY as follows:


- Current City Manager made $550,000 this year.  Has no limit on the number of 

  years they can serve and a simple majority of Council can approve the contract.


- NEW CHARTER: City manager can ONLY make 10x the lowest paid city 

  employee who currently makes about $29,000/year.  So maximum salary would

  be $290,000/year.


- Can serve no more than 8 years (same as Mayor and City Council) *Must have

  Super Majority of Council to approve Contract.


That is Charter Amendment #1 of 3.  Fact: San Antonio Taxpayers save millions of dollars because the city has good credit (AAA Bond Rating).  If you would like to get a car today can you?  Most probably cannot because of your credit score.  Can you get a $20k Loan?  Most of us cannot due to credit report issues.  Can the City of San Antonio get a loan to serve us citizens?  YES, and it saves us millions in taxes.  BUT- what is the other side if this IS passed, what would happen?  Would it be good or bad?  


Next week:  Should Sculley keep her $550,000+ salary for saving taxpayers millions OR should Sculley's salary only be as proposed, which is 10x the lowest paid city employee which would make Sculley's salary around $250,000/yr?  We are taking this in SMALL bites so the voters can digest each charter amendment and the pros and cons to each community member's household in San Antonio.  Stay tuned.











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