Earlier this year, a campaign was started to give the power back to the people. The campaign was called “Let the People Decide”. Right now, the politicians and power brokers at city hall do NOT listen to the people. These charter amendments will CHANGE all of that.

Our taxes go up every year. But so is our crime. City Hall was told by the people that WE don’t want our utility bills to continue to skyrocket. They didn’t listen. City Hall was told by the people, Sheryl Sculley shouldn’t receive a bonus that is twice the salary of what we make. City Hall did NOT listen. There are many more examples where City Hall does NOT listen to the people. The most glaring example is the HAYS STREET BRIDGE. Sheryl Sculley and City Hall are doing the work for the FEW power brokers, lobbyists, and big business. It’s time to stand up to City Hall by voting YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! on Proposition 1 Proposition 2 Proposition 3.

Proposition 1 is about INCOME INEQUALITY. Sheryl Sculley should not make more money than the President of the United States and the Texas Governor combined. She makes $550,000 a year while the lowest paid city employee makes $29,000. The proposition says she can make no more than 10 times that lowest paid city employee. So if the power brokers and politicians down at City Hall think she deserves that salary, then they must bring the salary of the school crossing guards, the library aides, the maintenance workers, etc. with the City UP…to at least $55,000 a year. Vote YES!!! to make this happen. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!!!!

Proposition 2 is about lawsuits. City Hall keeps the people down by using their own tax dollars to file lawsuits against their own citizens. Those tax dollars can be better spent repairing bad streets, adding more sidewalks and more senior citizen services. Yet, City Hall spent more $1,000,000 million dollars suing its firefighters. They paid their attorneys $900.00 an hour. They lost in court 4 times. And now your taxes will go up again this year. City Hall should not be wasting money on lawyers and attorneys. Proposition 2 will make sure that City Hall can’t waste money on lawyers and attorneys, but must go to a simple arbitration and resolve their disputes….not the courthouse.

Proposition 3 is about YOUR voice at City Hall. This proposition has the politicians and power brokers up in arms because it allows the people to have more control over City Hall. It will LOWER YOUR TAXES. Developers, lawyers, lobbyists, special interest groups, career politicians, and Sheryl Sculley want a future of secret votes, six figure bonuses for bureaucrats, $191,380 toilets, rising utility rates, skyrocketing property taxes and million-dollar contracts for out-of-town firms.

Proposition 3 puts an end to all this corruption at City Hall.

When “They” say this proposition is government by petition “They” really mean… “They” don’t want government by the people! People should have a way to override bad decisions when necessary. People deserve a voice and need to be involved (Fewer signatures/more days as provided by the TX Constitution). We say... Enough is Enough!!!!  Es Todo!!! 

                 Take Back Your City!!!  Put San Antonio First and vote YES!

                                                       Vote YES

                                   Take Back Your Power from City Hall

                                                      VOTE YES


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