1. Being at the table is not enough. Do not voluntarily attend a meeting with a leader in which you will not have any influence over to change policy, opinions, and outcomes. Immediately following their meeting, Trump called two very powerful, influential and wealthy African-American men "dumb." In other words, stroking the historical white supremacy myth, "blacks are less intelligent than whites."

2. When in a meeting and someone says something totally wrong, correct them immediately. Pastor Scott wrongfully called Trump the most “pro-black” President ever and no one mentioned the facts of President Johnson signing the Voting and Civil Rights Acts, and appointing Thurgood Marshall to the US Supreme Court. That’s just one of the Presidents in our lifetime.

3. Know the person you're meeting with history and record. Trump has settled massive racial housing demonstration cases for refusing to rent to African-Americans. As President, 87 of the judicial nominations Trump has made, 80 are whites who have made careers in undermining civil rights.

Photo Courtesy of: Gerald Givens, Jr.  



As African Americans, our benchmark for a meeting with the President of the United States is Frederick Douglass. Douglass was so infuriated with the fact African-American, Union soldiers were not being paid and equipped equally, were being lynched and mutilated by Confederate soldiers, that he showed up to the White House without an appointment. Once it was learned who Douglass was, within two minutes, President Lincoln invited Douglass into his office; making all the white men in line to see Lincoln, on that day, wait!

Booker T. Washington was the first descendant of the enslaved to have dinner in the White House with the President of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt. Both men were ridiculed for decades because of this. Booker T. Washington faced assassination attempts for the rest of his life after this dinner.

Dr. King met with both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson in order to get the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts passed.


Do not be used for a photo-op with the President of the United States or any elected officials for their agenda.





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