Twitter Tantrums

We are upon the first day of school.  District 2 and San Antonio has so many resources for making sure your kids are ready for excellence!  Please share all the information you can to your friends, family and anyone you may think needs the resources.  Inside these pages you will find back to school supplies and vaccinations and schedules to aid in seamlessly sending the kids off.  Good luck on your first day kids!


Our cover story this week is something that has the internet talking, and the world for that matter.  Twitter Tantrums from Trump (even while vacationing) were tweeted furiously to NBA All-Star LeBron James and CNN's Don Lemon.  If you read the cover story you will see how childish this all is.  I don't care who you are- if you start a school to educate children and provide all the free things you can for them do you expect to get in trouble and yelled at by the President of The United States?  NO!  But LeBron and Don are no strangers to not being attacked.  But why all the black attacks?  Black people do something good and Trump is jealous?  


We need to truly instill voting as a standard process we ALL NEED to be doing every single year and in every single election.  Did we ever think we'd live in a time where Twitter would be used by a President to dish out the social media bullying?  Heck no, so now is the time.  Go to the Bexar County Elections Site at: or call 210.335.VOTE to make sure your registered to vote TODAY!




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