August 15, 2018

I honestly cannot believe that another school year has started for most and will start for the rest next Monday.  It does remind you that cooler weather is around the corner and a new season. 


Seasons come and go and sometimes we remember the winter storm of ‘96 in Maryland (sorry I was in it so that’s the first off the top of my head) or Hurricane Harvey.  Those types of storms reach a level to where risk is now upon humans and the land, therefore we are prepared for those seasons and we know to maybe flee those areas and are told to do so during those times.  


Now is the season of young people our young adults who demand their voices be heard and we LOVE it, we welcome it and I know many refer to our young generation as the millennial. The organization MOVETexas who I reached out to and spoke with their Executive Director, Mr. H. Drew Galloway who stated, "39% of working people in San Antonio don’t have access to a single day of paid sick leave, forcing workers to choose between keeping their job or caring for themselves, a sick child, or relative. According to the Center for Economic Research, cities with a paid sick time ordinance show that employment has risen and small business thrive, leading to increased staff morale and productivity. The paid sick time policy makes San Antonio even more competitive, helping us attract and retain talent to our growing city."


I apologize Mr. Galloway but if there is no job for these workers then they have NO MONEY- forget a sick day who's paying their rent now?  One thing a petition can't make us do is to have employees, so watch what you ask for because you will now see a lot of businesses offering contract work, and THAT comes with NO benefits.


I state all of that to say there is a decision about to be made tomorrow, the 16th of August.  City Council will vote whether to adopt the paid sick leave petition as a city ordinance or to pass the decision on to the voters on the November ballot. 


City Council- do not adopt this ordinance as our people NEED jobs and businesses will CUT jobs when forced to provide these types of benefits.  I understand its a double edged sword but at what point are we responsible to ensure jobs and not sick leave?  


With no job there is no leave of any kind.  I believe this to be reckless if ever implemented.  




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