White Racists Rally for Hate

August 15, 2018

Far-right groups are trying to fool unsuspecting and ignorant people into believing that whites are being treated badly in America when the opposite is really true. After the bloody incident in Charlottesville, Virginia last year in which a Nazi ran over Heather Hayer, ISIS style and killing her, the extremist right have brainwashed themselves and others with racist demonstrations and individual attacks across the country. We have seen individual racists harass or attack blacks and other minorities similar to Nazi formulas of the 1930s.  However, these old tactics will not get the traction they got in Germany many years ago. The reason is simple, even though there are emboldened and stirred up by an “Agent Orange” president in the white house people of all ethnic groups are fighting back. Notice that I did not use the phrase “all races,” because contrary to Nazi belief there is only one race—the human race.


These white supremacist groups have no idea that the term race was invented in the 1700s and before that there were no whites; there were Germans, Irish, French, and others but no whites. The term white was invented to box in most Europeans (mainly Western Europeans) into one category when they emigrated from Europe. They were all turned into “whites” in order to justify the injustice of selling human beings and the genocide against Native Americans. Hence, the term “white race” is scientifically a falsehood. However, once whiteness was created it took on a reality that has haunted America since its inception. “Race” is a social invention, but it has real consequences. The consequences include discrimination based on skin color and culture. 


People have asked, “Don’t all lives matter?” Yes, they do, but Black lives, and the lives of people of color, have never mattered. When one says, “All lives matter” why don’t they want to include Black lives? Donald Trump, alias Agent Orange, has yeasted up these closet racists and has provided them with a platform. The blame for the violence and the increase in racism falls at the doorstop of Donald “Agent Orange” Trump.  His propaganda has been racist all the way from attacking immigrants, while letting his wife’s family members use immigration laws to provide them citizenship, to attacking black football players that are protesting the way blacks are being mistreated in the streets and in the legal system. He has tried to characterize these NFL patriotic Americans as “un-patriotic.”  What a bald-faced liar this president is!


Be on guard, these racist fire eaters will be showing their shark teeth across the country.  We should report any and all racist acts as soon as they occur; get their car descriptions and their physical descriptions (clothes and facial descriptions) and turn them in. Seek prosecution were appropriate. We can make sure they are defeated and we know they will not win even with that fool in the White House. Learn all of the logos on cars; learn to look at license plates real fast, and color of car, two doors or four doors, and anyone committing racist acts. Learning the logos will make it easier to identify the racists in cars. It is time to fight back against any and all Nazis, racists, and ignorant fools that have been emboldened by their racist president. Report racist face book and Twitter posts as well. Try and get them kicked off radio stations and boycott their advertisers. Let's make it real hard for these architects of evil to succeed. Go see the new Spike Lee movie and see the clear connection between Trump and white supremacy.

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