August 29, 2018

It has been a sad few weeks as we have lost many people who gave so much to our nation.  We lost our Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and this past week we lost Senator John McCain as seen on our cover and in our cover story.  It takes quite a lot to ban certain people from your funeral, even in death McCain has made it clear- No Trump at his funeral.  What kind of times are we in when this keeps happening?  The President of the United States has been banned from Mrs. Bush' funeral and now Senator McCain's.  It is the ugly deep reality that we basically have a monster as President.  


McCain led a life of selfless service and always stood up for what he believed in, even if it meant losing a vote in order to take up for Former President Barack Obama as people were scared of him telling McCain he was an 'arab and dangerous'.  McCain stood firm, no matter what was said of him, about him or thought of him.  He had deeply rooted morals that screamed integrity, selfless service, respect, loyalty, honor, personal courage and duty and those are the 7 core values a man of this esteem held firmly too.  We all can respect that and honor the life of Senator John McCain and his values as he did for this nation his whole life of public service.


I hope more of us adopt these qualities- you don't have to stick with 'your' crowd at all times.  When they are not in line with your values- make it known.  Don't ever go with a flow you don't believe in.  Stank up and Speak out, or just use a thumbs down! 


Rest in Peace Senator McCain.  We thank you for your service to this country as it was immeasurable.  




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