September 12, 2018

Are City Residents and Government heading towards IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES that will end in divorce?


In a few short months you and I will decide the fate of the City and it’s residents’ future relationship. At this time hope is bleak, as it is in most marriages, as our nation tops the charts at a high divorce rate as a country and now city and government are not seeing eye to eye either. So is it fair to say communication and overall relationship value weigh in as top key components to successful outcomes within relationships, would you agree? In November’s election the 3 Fire Union Proposed Charter Amendments will be on your ballot. Knowing that, it’s safe to say that this is a pretty big monumental moment for the city and for the cities relationship with its residents.  If your wife goes out and buys a car and never has informed you about it and you already are bankrupt would you be highly enraged?  Yes- because there was no communication .  The Fire Union has spoken every week to you in this paper and so have many other elected officials.  They are respectfully asking for your vote- your voice is important to THEM.  


We have a LOT of weeks to jump into this, I will leave on this note for this week.  Do you feel as though the city hears your concerns?  Do they service you and treat you nicely for the services you use of the city and pay for out of your bank account?  How is your relationship or non relationship with any local leaders above Councilmen and Councilwomen?  Do you feel that you've been heard all the years as a resident in San Antonio?  That is the first question before you we continue to learn in order to make a morality decision on which way to vote- next week we go deeper.  

Right now, I see irreconcilable differences between Sculley, Nirenberg and all of us residents within their city.  We have reached out multiple times to get only the run around as they simultaneously ensure the white are very up to date on the charter amendments.  Stone Oak gets all the attention- remember we have ‘troubled streets’ per McManus, Chief of Police.  You can like them personally all day long- professionally is a whole different story.  Live in truth.




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