September 19, 2018

Elite Donuts with No Guilt, Say Whaattt?


Healthy Donuts? Who would of thought you could feel good about eating a donut and

 not feel guilty? Well try a donut from Elite Sweets. These donuts are gluten – free, low in sugar and have 16 grams of protein, WOW! I was skeptical about trying this “healthy donut” at first but was amazed how tasty they are. 


The Chocolate Chip is my favorite, you can taste the chocolate morsels and feel like you are getting the real full satisfaction of that chocolate goodness. There are many flavors to choose from. These donuts are designed to give you everything you need in a good way. You may be eating a donut before your next workout, how awesome would that be? Thank you Elite Sweets for this healthy alternative donut you have provided.


Check them out at and order yours today

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