September 19, 2018


Dismissiveness.  Civility.  March.  Fought.  Voted.  As we listened or read about Obama's speech to the students in Illinois he mentioned many words we all can relate directly too.  Dismissiveness- has anyone ever not listened to you, acted as you were invisible or non existent.  Civility- we would hope to be shown civility.  Where we are considered, respected and heard we are shown civility.  March- our community knows all to well about marching as it is a peaceful protest demonstration to relay a message that one WITHOUT civility can receive without a huge demand of people coming together demanding answers and sometimes that is in the form of marching.  Fought- we sign up at city hall to speak out to City Council, City Manager and the Mayor to what our beliefs are, we march, we fight to take down racists statues, we do a lot of that for more than good reasons.  Voted. Will you be voting?  We must.  Former President Obama stressed the importance of voting that many students went to register after his address to them.  GET REGISTERED AND VOTE!




Question:  Does City Manager Sheryl Sculley possess the following:  Dismissiveness (yes), Civility (no), March (for photos), Fought (when?), Voted (for the Mayor she wants).


Where does your vote lie for Props 1, 2 and 3?  Are you voting YES or NO?  As Obama explained in his speech to the Illinois students he made it very clear to look at WHO AND WHAT your voting for and yes it is the issues but at what point do we vote for genuine politicians or those in leadership positions to do their job instead of making excuse after excuse for them.  


Sheryl Scully and Mayor Nirenberg have no interest in your vote for Props 1,2,3 they will tell you to vote no if you see a sign but look further.  What are they asking of you?  What have you asked of them is it fair for them to only put up a sign when they WANT something from us?   So, if the leader of your house, probably your husband,  ignores you forever,  will he get your vote for vowel renewals?  No.  Take your power back.




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