September 19, 2018

So, What's Marijuana Got to Do With It?

Botham Jean  Photo: Facebook


In a search affidavit that we apparently know all the contents of, we now know that the police apparently found some marijuana—about .37 ounces—in Botham Jean’s apartment after he was shot by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger.

My response: So what?

Marijuana, a substance that is legal, either recreationally or medically, in nine states, and depending on who you ask, is less dangerous than the very legal and very addictive substance known as “alcohol.”



Not sure what the marijuana did in Botham Jean’s death. Did it grow several feet, develop opposable thumbs, grab Guyger’s firearm and pull the trigger? Or was it just some stuff found in the apartment along with other things you’d find in an apartment?

Botham Jean’s family attorney S. Lee Merritt has been understandably livid about the police bringing up this small amount of weed in order to smear the dead.






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