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I recently returned from the National Conference of State Legislatures in Los Angeles, California. Before the conference, Joe Straus, the Speaker of the Texas House, appointed me as a member of the NCSL Standing Committee on Elections and Redistricting. Since being sworn in as a member of the Texas House, I have enjoyed working with Speaker Straus and receiving his appointment to a standing NCSL committee was a great honor. While at the conference I interacted with federal and state legislators from around the nation. It was a fantastic experience for us to speak with and to learn from

one another.


The NCSL Committee on Elections and Redistricting to which I was appointed brings together legislators with an interest in elections, campaign finance, redistricting and more to discuss running fair and accurate elections, campaign finance, initiative and referendum processes, term limits and the three R’s: redistricting, recounts and recalls. In a day and age in which there are regular discussions about the security and sanctity of our election process, I found it refreshing to

discuss and learn more about such a critical part of our democratic process.


Another topic that was discussed in the committee was the upcoming 2020 Census. The census is the single largest governmental undertaking in the U.S., and ensuring we have an accurate count is critical to securing Texas’ votes in the federal electoral college, seats in Congress, and our proper share of federal dollars and grants.


Overall, I believe that I learned a great deal at NCSL and will strive to make use of that knowledge to make life better for everyone in Texas House District 120 and our State as a whole. In January 2019, I will head back to Austin for the 86th Legislative Session where I will use what I learned at NCSL and continue the fight to ensure that your voice is heard in your Texas Capitol.



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