October 17, 2018

An important milestone is at hand with the entrance of three black candidates running for office in Bexar County. The three black candidates are all women running for positions as judges at the Bexar County Courthouse. The three candidates come well qualified and will potentially remove a blot on the courthouse as there is not a single black judge serving full time at the courthouse. The three candidates are Yolanda Huff, Stephanie Boyd, and Grace Uzomba. Yolanda Huff is running for judge of County Court at No. 12, Stephanie Boyd is running for Judge in the 187th District Court, and Grace Uzomba is running for a position as a judge in Bexar County Court at Law No. 2. This is indeed of historical importance, and the women are more than qualified to serve the court in their respective positions.

We need to get out the Early Vote on Monday, October 22, 2018 through Friday, November 2, 2018. Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. There are a lot of things riding on this election and this is certainly more of a reason to turn out for these three Democrats. We need to elect black judges especially since Bexar County has not one elected black judge, nor does the black community have any say so in how “Bond Schedules” are set as the District judges set the “Bond Schedule.” We have no black District Court judge. The District judges also select “Magistrate Judges,” and we are underrepresented there as well as there is only one. These three women are going up against heavy odds and are doing it with very little funding. Major donors have not stepped up to the plate to make campaign contributions. Carmen Kelsey was the last elected judge in Bexar County and since that time we have no elected representation as far as judges are concerned.

Grace Uzomba, for Judge in Bexar County Court No. 2 is a U. S. Veteran of 20 years in the military, and has a Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s School of Law. She has been an attorney for over 11 years, practicing in criminal law, family law, tax law, and probate. She was precinct chair and treasurer for the Bexar County Democratic Party, and General Counsel for the Texas Association of Pre-Trial Services. Stephanie Boyd has a degree in Political Science, a Masters Degree in Business, and a Juris Doctorate Degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law. She has 20 years of legal experience, as a criminal lawyer, 17 years of experience in the Child Abuse and Neglect Court, and 10 years in the Felony Drug Court.

 Yolanda Huff, running for Judge of County Court at Law No. 12 is equally qualified; she is a graduate of the University of Texas, and a graduate of St. Mary’s School of Law. Yolanda has 20 years of experience as a defense attorney and has handled over 1000 criminal felony cases. Yolanda Huff is President of SABLA (San Antonio Black Lawyers Association), and has prepared important work in protecting our children through Children’s Court. All three of these candidates have the expertise and commitment to serve as judges in our community. We need to elect them and undo the lack of representation in the area of black judges in Bexar County. We owe it to ourselves and future generations for blacks to be represented, and to those that have gone before us to represent our community. We have a political and historical obligation to see to it that the black community is represented as judges at the courthouse. Vote Blue on November 6, 2018.



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