Kanye West rambles on with Pres. Trump


For the past week Kanye went dark on social media and now he is on Twitter to share a long, rambling missive , like most things he has done in the past year. Instead of enlightening his audience, what he’s doing now raises concern over his well – being.

The rapper/producer recorded a 10-minute video while in Africa, focuses on “mind control”, he goes on talking about how social media influences people to think monolithically, and how the need for social media validation can “F” with people.


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“That’s mind control. When people try to influence you on social media or try to tell you what to do... That’s the echo chamber that’s trying to control you based off incentivizing you, based off getting enough likes, and that’s the poison that’s happening with social media,” Kanye said, in essence the entire business plans of his in-laws.

Kayne received a lot of criticism over his recent bizarre visit to the White House. Kanye brags about his high IQ, comparing himself to Sigmund Freud and Tesla vibes.

He also shares out affirmations and mantras, self – praise and repeating phrases.
Kanye focuses on another aspect of control at the end of his video, creative and financial control, something he’s had trouble achieving: unable to own the publishing rights to his own music. It’s a valid complaint but he gets lost in the narcissistic, self – congratulatory sauce that now defines Kanye.

Kanye says despite having the money to buy his publishing right, “$8 million”, he has been denied to purchase his own music.

After watching this strange video of Kanye’s odd outburst and erratic behavior, it’s fair to say we should be concerned about his mental health. Kanye seems to continue to be a jerk and squanders whatever public good comes his ways. Unfortunately looks like Kanye’s future will get worse before it gets better if ever that even happens.




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