October 24, 2018

One white chocolate mocha with 1 Splenda stirred please.  That's my usual order and they know it!  Who is they?  The awesome staff at Starbucks where a pick me up of caffeine is always waiting for you.  I stop by every day, because I'm addicted to coffee.  But I walk in sometimes because the atmosphere is cozy and I too, as a customer, feel at home.  


Three of our great Starbucks ladies were there and I got a chance to get a quick vibe from them while I grabbed my coffee and took some photos with them.  


I asked Letty, why do you like working here, is it a good job? Letty stated,  "This is my happy place, like no matter what I'm going through at home the partners, they are just great.  I could be in a bad mood and when I start my shift and end I am always happy again."


We asked Tiff and Letty to share some thoughts with us since Starbucks opened on I-10 and E. Commerce.


This Starbucks is better than I ever expected said one lady, and Tiff added, "We are able to make this Starbucks our home over here and show our responsibility to the community and this opportunity for me, is one of a lifetime.


Visit Letty, Tiff, Whiskey, Ryan, Roland, the list goes on.  But as you enter the doors they will know your name and know your drink.  It's the type of Starbucks where everyone knows your name, not the uppity kind.  Cheers!  (No pun intended because it's truly a culture of the show Cheers where everyone knows your name).

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