October 31, 2018

The unarmed shooting of a young black man, Charles ‘CHOP’ Roundtree has incited this community to demand justice. Roundtree was just 18 years old when a bullet grazed the target and hit Roundtree sitting behind him in a chair. Also a father, son, brother, cousin, friend and just a young black man sitting in a living room. Sitting. 


Charles Roundtree (left) and Cousin Jason Caldwell (right) Face timed all the time even while living in the same neighborhood

Chief McManus called it “a tragedy” we call it “trigger happy”. He then deemed it an “accident” when the 'investigation' has NOT even concluded.  How can Chief McManus say this is a horrible tragic accident and then say the investigation isn't over?  If the investigation just started you don't call the outcome before it's over or that is called protecting your boys instead of protecting our boys such as Charles Roundtree.   It is impossible to know this was an accident before you even got off the scene.  Stop wagging your fingers at the Eastside to clean up it's act when you have cops who murder instead of protect.  




Services for Roundtree were held last Friday at Meadowlawn Funeral Home followed by a March for Justice for Chop that evening on the 300 block of S. Santa Rosa. 


Roundtree was killed by SAPD Officer Casanova who is on administrative duty pending the investigation.  Roundtree and his cousin Jason Caldwell, were growing up together and that won't end.  CHOP and Jason spent their days together as two young teenage boys would.  CHOP loved basketball and all sorts of games, you know the favorite PS4:).  CHOP loved one thing more than anything stated his cousin Jason, "his family, all he wanted was to make it out & take care of his people".

Pastor Darryl Boyce has called for and demanded justice from our leaders. Community members, family, friends, teachers and more demand justice for CHOP. Someone must speak out and denounce the killing of unarmed black men in San Antonio.  We join the community and demand answers and justice for CHOP.  Marquise Jones, Antoine Scott, Charles ‘CHOP’ Roundtree.  Our unarmed black men should never see this hit their living room.


SAPD has covered murder after murder and we will keep standing for justice.  


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