NAACP San Antonio Election #staywoke

October 31, 2018


Cassandra Littlejohn or Gregory Hudspeth
In their words…


We conducted a survey interview of the two candidates for the office of President, NAACP San Antonio Branch. The two candidates for President to replace Mr. Oliver Hill include Mrs. Cassandra Littlejohn and Dr. Gregory Hudspeth. 



Cassandra Littlejohn describes her current activity as a “political strategist and

consultant”.   Dr. Gregory Hudspeth described himself as a “college professor”. Hudspeth elaborates, “My area of training is in Government/Political Science. As a professor, my role is to empower my students. I have lectured in Constitutional Law, Presidential Politics, Political Parties, Public Policy, and many other topics. I teach my students how to assess the validity of the information they read.”


When asked, “What have you done to advance Black people’s civil rights agenda in San Antonio?”  Littlejohn wrote, “As a race of people, we are often times uninformed of the political impact that elections have on us and our communities.  I work diligently to make sure that blacks have firsthand knowledge to information and political resources.  With such knowledge, Blacks have the power to engage their own civil and political rights.”   Hudspeth says, “As a professor of Political Science on the eastside of San Antonio, I advance the civil rights agenda every day by empowering my students to understand government and its impact on their lives. I teach them to understand that elected officials and bureaucrats directly influence the quality of their lives. Moreover, as Housing Chair of the San Antonio Branch of the NAACP, I look at housing issues every week. I have worked to ensure Black people are treated fairly by landlords and apartment managers.” 


When asked by the San Antonio Observer, “what are the top 3 problems in San Antonio that you’re going to address as NAACP president?”  Cassandra Litlejohn says, “As president of the San Antonio Branch, I look forward to working with the executive team to develop vision and create a strategic plan that will take into to account the issues of economic development, education, and political oppression.   We must passionately engage all stakeholders; community, government, business, and education to the sensitivity of our issues.” 


Dr. Hudspeth answers slightly different.  He says, “I see four problems areas in San Antonio rather than three: education, jobs, housing, and the criminal justice system. I will work with school districts and institutions of higher learning to ensure all students are given the opportunity for a first-class education. It is important that blacks are receiving the appropriate training to be a part of the workforce and can have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. This will also mean working with the chambers of commerce to ensure there is a pipeline for African-Americans to be part of all growth in San Antonio.  If we take care of education, jobs, and housing, many of the criminal justice problems will go away. However, in our current environment, the criminal justice system is a problem that cannot be over looked. We must continue our work with the police departments and the District Attorney to ensure fair treatment for all.”


When asked what personal victories can you account for that has impacted Black people in San Antonio?  Littlejohn writes, “I helped to develop the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce first Leadership Program-EPIC.  I’m proud of the work we did to help expose professionals and entrepreneurs to a broader San Antonio.”  Hudspeth replies, “I have taught many students who have become lawyers, teachers, and health professionals, college and school administrators. Each time one of my students graduates from college, it is a victory. Our victories are not what we do individually, but what we do collectively. Please remember, it takes a village to raise a child.”


The critical question pertains to how will the future president embrace young people and get them involved in the NAACP? “Young people bring value and strength to our organization with their fresh concepts.  I plan to utilize their fresh ideas to lead us in discovering more effective methods to attract other young people.  I further plan to merge the lines of people of all ages to develop a secure future for the 100 Year Old San Antonio Branch of the NAACP” says Cassandra Littlejohn.



Hudspeth concludes, “Our NAACP Youth Council and ACT-SO programs have done well. However, we do not have a college chapter on each of our college and university campuses. I will increase youth participation by having more college chapters established here in San Antonio.”


The NAACP elections are being held Thursday evening, November 8, 2018 at the Barbara Jordan Community Center… you first must be a financial member to vote - call them to sign-up at 210-224-7636.  We encourage you to be an active voice of change for the community.  The two candidates have shared their visions and concerns.   Does it line up with you?  




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