Trump is the Reason Racists Lunatics are Going Berserk

October 31, 2018

Trump called himself a "nationalist," a term associated with Jingoism, which is extremist pride in your own country. Like Hitler, Trump uses this term to mean that but also the term is racially loaded. White racists also call themselves nationalists, and are using it both ways. Trump is a racist, there is no doubt about that, and so finds the term useful as he can claim openly one definition, as in his cheap cliché of "Make America Great Again, " and at the same time play away from the other usage—this is the slick garbage of Nazis who speak out of both sides of their necks in order to fool people. Trump is using the ambiguity of terms to get the most rabid racists voters to the polls and those suckered by jingoism as well. Trump claims that there are criminals and terrorists in the caravan in Mexico without any proof, but there is proof that there are criminals in the White House and terrorist thug Kings from Saudi Arabia in Trumps hotel, as well as criminal racists on a rampage.

Racist lunatics have sent bombs, killed Jewish people at a Synagogue, and two black people at a Kroger’s in Kentucky.  All of this racist and extremist hatred can be placed at the doorstep of Donald Trump who has yeasted up the lunatics to commit murder. These crazed racists are in service to the hate filled rhetoric of Donald Trump who never takes responsibility for his thousands of lies and invented stories. People with “Make America Great Again” hats can now be looked at as possible Nazis and racist extremists. Trump has placed the Republican Party into the arms of racist conservative lunatics. Many people are saying that since Republicans have shown their cowardly nature, they are not going to vote for a single one, not even judges that are normally below the radar scope in local races.

Robert Bowers walked into a Synagogue and slaughtered people because he is wedded to a fanatical ideology. The same is true for the mad bomber criminal Cesar Sayoc, who said he was a “white supremacist.” According to CNN, the other criminal in Kentucky was “A white man who allegedly killed two people at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky. . . . The two people killed Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones, were shot . . . both victims as black. Police arrested suspect Gregory A. Bush, 51.” Mr. Stallard was at the store with his grandson, who saw his grandfather murdered, while Stallard was buying material for his grandson’s school project. All of these white supremacist killings were egged on by the racist rants of Donald Trump who has spewed nothing but hate since he was elected.  Many people across the nation are arming themselves to meet this Nazi and racist threat and are urging people to report every racist act to authorities.

Given the attacks were hate crimes, murdering people in a place of worship, Robert Bowers, a 46 year-old racist, who frequently expressed his hatred for Jews on social media, will most likely be executed.  Unlike Nazi Germany, this type of hatred will not gain a foothold in this country, and hence these lunatics have wasted their lives for an ideology that most of humankind has rejected. Donald Trump is completely responsible for these murders. He has used his office as a platform for white supremacy and hatred. We have a long history of fighting bigots in America, and they are doomed to failure despite having a big-mouth racist friend in the White House.



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