November 8, 2018



Regardless of the outcome of the midterm elections, how would you encourage others to get involved in their communities and elections moving forward seeing how important voting is?




No matter what happens on Election Day, I am unbelievably grateful for all the candidates who put themselves on the line to stand up for what they believe in, all of the party officers and volunteers who sacrificed their time and energy over numerous hours, and all the amazing friends I've made. We've been working towards Election Day for the past 2 years, but any happiness or disappointment I feel will be buffered by the knowledge that this is just the beginning. Tomorrow, we start again.  We organize, we gain ground, and we must expand.  - Gerald Givens Jr.



Election season has a way of reminding us of our basic civic duties. While casting a ballot is extremely important, there is more we can do year-round besides vote. I believe neighborhood engagement is a fundamental component of a healthy democracy.  Local government is most effective when residents are informed and involved.  There are many opportunities (e.g. National Night Out, Citizens on Patrol, Boards & Commissions and Neighborhood Associations) that will allow you to be proactive instead of being reactive." - Councilman William ‘Cruz’ Shaw 






Everyone has the power to become an agent of change for our community, but we must realize and appreciate the power that comes with collaboration. We should seek more ways to work TOGETHER to advance our community as opposed to working in silos.


Voting truly matters, but establishing a strong base of community leaders that work together means just as much.  - Celeste Brown 






"I would encourage everyone, young and old to be involved in their communities. To voice their concerns to Elected Officials that represent them; about the lack of Storm Water Drainage issues, Street Conditions, lack of Sidewalks, the lack of Street Lights on their street, the increase of Property Taxes, the stagnate water in Ditches causing health concerns to residents, lack of Police Officers patrolling your neighborhood, and always Document those concerns that you complaint to those Officials. And if you don't get any results, but only excuses from them, then become a Candidate and run against them."

"And lasted, ALWAYS be a good Citizen and HELP others when you can, doing the right thing that benefit others will give you SELF RESPECT." - Dan Martinez








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