Trump is a Racist--NO DOUBT

November 8, 2018

This president rules by using lies, fake news, and talking like a racist lunatic. He supplements his propaganda with an ugly scowl face (There are ignorant people impressed by scowl-faced clowns), and big man tough talk. Only a mob of ignorant buffoons would follow him. Still, there are a few good people that follow him; anybody can be fooled by a big mouth-scowled-faced bozo.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), “President Trump’s vow . . . to end birthright citizenship with an executive order is just another one of his efforts to further divide this country and distract from the horrific events of the past week.” This comment is an appeal to the most racist elements in our society; Trump is talking about the 14th Amendment, which was one of the Civil War Amendments that was passed to protect black people. 


The only ones interested in destroying this amendment would be racists and fascists whose intent is to destroy democracy. The SPLC went on to say, “Birthright citizenship is a fundamental right cherished by Americans since the abolition of slavery. Immigrants and their children make this nation great.” How are racist and fascists being radicalized? Their lies come from their own propaganda and more specifically from the racist president. Trump is the center of all the hate and violence. He can't fool us; we know he is inciting violence against good people. Trump and his minions have a racist strategy working. His goal is to yeast up the white supremacists, with invented “invasions” and lies about criminals are coming in a caravan from Mexico, and to secure his presidency in 2020. His racist rhetoric leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a president that lies constantly in order to mask and deflect his racist agenda. There is no doubt that Trump is a racist.  Racist violence has increased as a result of the fire eater rhetoric of Trump. We have seen individual acts of violence carried out against Jews, black people, Mexicans, women, and others since this hateful president has been elected. Trump has created a racist swamp of criminals.  


What about those caravans of hate going to Trump rallies? What about the white supremacists criminals’ caravanning to Trump there are some! Get photos of those people at Trump rallies and compare them with known Nazis. The Republican Party is the party of white racism......if any of them don't like that label then they need to speak out and tell Trump to denounce white nationalism. They won't do it, and until they speak out against Trump’s white nationalism then I repeat, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS THE PARTY OF WHITE RACISM. The extreme conservative political agenda of Trump is what causes the murdering of innocent people. He is racist to the core,and hopes to continue his rotten strategy. This will result in more lunatic white racist terrorism. So, get ready for more, and above all protect yourself at all times. There needs to be a firm struggle against Trump and the racist elements in every community. 


If you know any black or Hispanic Republicans ask them what the hell is wrong with them in attaching themselves to a coward party that won't speak out against bigot Trump. They ought to be made ashamed and slammed for their stupidity. Trump has a lot of nerve saying, "We must unite to conquer hate," when it was him that fostered the hate. This clown, and his coward Republican flunkies, has got to go. Violent extremism is being done in service to Trump. Don't buy the lies from this racist president.

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