November 14, 2018


We are commercially in the full swing of the holiday season.  You may even be able to purchase Valentine's gifts now as consumerism (is that a word?) is about to be at an all time high.  For months, yes I know, a lot of dollars are going to start going this way and that way.  Start today, save a few extra dollars or cut out the trip to the corner store so the holidays don't leave you in the hole rather they leave you full of happiness, hope, and full for the new year!  Not in debt!:)  Every penny helps.


The SA Observer will be sponsoring families for Thanksgiving, which actually is around the corner, so please help us spread the word.  We will be offering families a full Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.  If you know of a family that is in need of a Thanksgiving send their information to to enter the family in need.  We hope to help many so please sign up early!


With the Charter Amendments voted on last week Mayor Nirenberg has a tough road against him as Councilman Brockhouse asked for City Manager Sheryl Sculley's resignation after seeing that almost more than 1/2 of San Antonians voted for the City Manager's salary to be capped at around 300k (still room for bonuses) and also comes with only a 8 year tenure.


Let me tell you something, this is MILITARY CITY.  We have 4 STAR GENERALS rocking it right now at US Army South, US Army North, US Army Medical Department Center and School, and they are in charge of full territories overseas and here.  So spare me the '300 THOUSAND isn't good enough because the 4 Star Generals aren't banking THAT).  If Sheryl and Ron think they will have SUCH a horrible time trying to find the best it is because they cannot pick who THEY want.  You have the best- you ignore them that's why the voters ignored you and said screw that this is what WE want.  We've had your rules long enough- and as every race was almost pushed over to the WIN by black voters in democrat races you ignored the San Antonio Blacks and look what you got.  Maybe if you didn't say you did not NEED blacks because there weren't enough of us and actually valued our votes you wouldn't be in this mess.


But, with Christian Archer running campaigns he never reaches out to blacks, thats why Ivy lost and Ron won, you'd think Ron would remember at least THAT. 



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