December 5, 2018


Since City Manager Sheryl Sculley announced her retirement starting sometime in the next year, I

have been contemplating the tremendous impact her tenure has had on San Antonio. Regardless of the acrimony Sheryl sometimes inspires, it cannot be denied that her leadership has transformed our city in tremendous ways.

More than 10 years ago, I worked for the Department of Community Initiatives (now called the Human Services Department) at the City of San Antonio, and I witnessed firsthand the shift that occurred at City Hall when Sheryl became City Manager. Her focus on developing a professional and high-skilled staff has allowed our City to initiate more complex and forward-thinking policies. Because of her efficient implementation of the equity lens for infrastructure projects,once-neglected areas in District 2 are now receiving the consideration and funding they deserve. This kind of change can only happen through strategic and visionary planning.


Yet, our work on City Council does not end with Sheryl’s retirement, and we must continue to provide quality services to residents. While the passage of Proposition B may complicate the search for the next City Manager, I am confident we will find a suitable replacement. He or she will have a solid foundation to build upon, laid down by Sheryl.


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