December 5, 2018



Small business owners our community needs you! We need you to model that all things are possible with hard work and dedication. We need you to employ and mentor our youth. We need you to employ and mentor the “so-called” unemployables. We need you to know our names and treat us with respect. We need you to provide the best service or product you can consistently. We need you to except our feedback.

With all of those needs, we have good news. This is the first year that I recall two events happening within days of each other that can help black businesses. These events provide business growth strategies and information on doing business with government entities, bringing you more resources to meet the community’s need.

Today the Bexar County SWMBVO office is hosting their annual conference FREE of charge at the Freeman Coliseum. Stop in for information to support the growth of your business and discover opportunities to do business with Bexar County tax supported entities.

December 13, the state of Texas hosts the Governor’s Small Business Forum at the Marriott Northwest. This event cost is $20.00. Come out and discover ways to improve your business and do business with the state of Texas.

Small business owner, I know we ask a lot from you but we depend on you. We need you. Our community needs you. Be the business owner you are called to be. Yes, we ask a lot of you because we desperately need you. 


Unfortunately, we expect more from you than we do Nordstrom, Macy’s or Dillard’s. Let’s pledge our loyalty and support to each other; business and community. Together we can make our community bright for the holidays and all year long!


Take a picture at your business and post on our social media platforms. Let us know the your name, the business name, location, hours of operation and products/services provided.



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