December 12, 2018



This is a Community Building Exercise! All you need is .99 cents and a little time to participate. 




How it works: get a box of 12 candy canes. Each day starting on the 12th. Give a CANE to someone that you see in your community but might not talk to. Give them the cane and a hello, or a hug, or say a prayer, or spark up a convo... take a pic of you guys with the candy cane and post on social media #candycanegiveback


Purpose: C.A.N.E stands for Care About Neighbors Everyday!!! This exercise is to promote the re-building of our communities. Making a habit of reaching out to others, a habit of sharing, caring and involving the people around you. In order for us to care about each other, we have to communicate with each other so we can BUILD a relationship. 


Once we start re-building our relationships we will automatically start re-building our communities and neighborhoods!

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