December 12, 2018

San Antonio's City Manager, Sheryl Sculley, announces 'retirement' after the money ended and the votes were counted.



As reported throughout the cities news outlets, San Antonio, City Manager Sheryl Sculley announces retirement to be effective no later than the end of June. 

Sculley has given the reason for resignation as retirement, which would seem correct based upon age.  The City Manager is in her 60’s and that is the ‘going age’ for retirement which allows this all to make sense as to the reason she is leaving.  It just turns out her age  worked on her behalf for her reason for leaving.  Sources in the Sculley Circle, know the real reason, not only did Chris Steele head up the campaign that changed the city managers term limits and pay, but the kickbacks stopped.  

A kickback is defined as a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, especially illicitly.  

According to to the source, “She wasn’t getting enough kickbacks.  They run a lot in this town, the big developers and construction companies.  So it’s a game, if she doesn’t give more work then she doesn’t get a kickback from them and that really is where she has lost her money”  It is not known what type of specific ‘kickbacks’ Sculley is missing out on but with the charter amendments passing and over 50% of the city voting against her (because that’s really what that vote was about) who wouldn’t throw in the towel? 

The city will move forward, no one is irreplaceable and there are hard workers in this city.  Although we know she has groomed several people already (which keeps her hands in the pot) hopefully the city will see the talent they have in their people and open the position to the public for it to be a competitive process.  

At the end of the day it was many things that contributed to this ‘retirement’.  The people wanted change and when they called upon their city manager it fell on deaf ears.  Others have  praised her efforts as an 'agent of change' (they are out of touch because the voters did not say that).  Yes, that is true... she changed the Hays Street Bridge, she is gentrifying the east side, and she has never spoken a word or made herself available to the community unless she has self interest at the table-  as in any running event, or townhall that affects her pay.  

At the end of the day retirement will be great for Sculley, as we’ve been told and know she leaves us with a AAA bond rating and her genuine work as a human being is appreciated.  She will not be filing for unemployment benefits the source explained as former Mayor Taylor did.  She will be going home to either live or sell her almost million dollar penthouse that is paid off. 



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