My Grown Up Christmas List

December 19, 2018


This year, 2018, feels like a war broke out in our community. The question is, "Who is the real enemy?” First, the second oldest black chamber of commerce in the state of Texas, our Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce legacy is threatened due to unresponsive leadership. The on-again, off again San Antonio African American Chamber is not stepping up to the plate due to unresponsive leadership. Next, San Antonio Growth for the Eastside’s leadership abruptly changed three times? Then there is District 2 Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw stepping out of council duties into juvenile judgeship district court. The San Antonio Branch of the NAACP has a leadership change with a number of people asking the question who is this new president and what has he done for the community? Yes, we have had some wins but the losses mentioned above affect the flow of cash into our community and can have crippling long-term effects.

We should be proud that as a community, we rallied under Minnie Hill’s banner and the local NAACP to host a national convention here. But no faster than the convention adjourned we lost the only African American General Manager of a major hotel downtown, the Sheraton Gunter. The University of Texas San Antonio has hired a new African American Vice-President for Inclusive Excellence, Myron Anderson but that hire was announced after the embarrassing way an African American female student was removed from class by campus police for having her feet up on a chair.

I could continue but why? It is Christmas and the woes of our community should not cloud the spirit of the season. Villagers take a brief holiday but stay connected to what is happening. If we expect others to come to our rescue we are our own worst enemy. Meanwhile, I leave you with a portion of one of my favorite Christmas songs:

So here's my lifelong wish
My grown up Christmas list
Not for myself but for a world in need No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend And right would always win
And love would never end, no
This is my grown up Christmas list


Spread love this holiday season. It can be something as simple as Tha1 Radio’s Candy Cane Challenge or as big as taking a family Christmas dinner and toys. Share photos of you sharing on our Facebook page.

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!


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