December 26, 2018

After a whirlwind of a year we are embarking on 2019 with a big to do list.  As we look back at 2018 and some of the covers over this year we can see results.  In our community results are important, we are capable to be hired as African-Americans within Bexar County and The City of San Antonio and we hope the city embarks on a recruiting initiative to show their inclusion. 



Our #METOO cover story resulted in the Chief of Fire Live Oak being released from duties.  The unfortunate Sex, Drugs & Basketball cover story covering East Central High School proved a teacher soliciting drugs from parents, she was immediately let go after the story broke.  We had a 'fire' at city hall when Fire Union Chief, Chris Steele, shook up all the politics of the city and said let the people decide and we did- at the end of the day Sheryl Sculley is resigning.  Councilman Shaw has been chosen to be Judge and Nalyssa Smith from East Central took BIG 12 College Freshman of the week for her spectacular performance with her team at Baylor this year.


The ups the downs make us all who we are, who this community is and who we want to be within this world.  Choose love, choose the high road.  Happy New Year to our city of San Antonio and our neighbors.  We thank you for this past year, this is the community's African-American paper and it's time to lead from the front. 


Let's go 2019 we have more work to do!




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