December 26, 2018

D2 residents will have an interim councilman decided by City Council in early January

The City Council will vote in early January to determine the interim (temporary) District 2 councilman. Councilman William ‘Cruz’ Shaw resigns effective NLT 1 January to assume duties as a Judge for the 436th juvenile district. We know Councilman Shaw will continue to uplift and help our community from many different facets now. We definitely don’t lose his presence- unfortunately we will be changing leadership. For those who may be confused, we do not vote for the interim (temporary) council person. This person is chosen by City Council.

The next city council election for the elected 2 year term position is a person who will be voted in by the people at the polls this spring in May. There is a long list of contenders, all whom love this community, but we must take an in-depth look at each of those who will run in the spring election as we, the people, will decide the outcome at the polls in May 2019.

Applications can now be submitted to run in the official election this spring in May.

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