January 2, 2019

D2 Council election in May has applicants for the position acting bold and brazen


I was sitting on the back porch the other morning drinking coffee, as I do every morning, and there was all this commotion.  Sigh, that’s the reason I get up before everyone- for the stillness and the quiet.  But, nonetheless, Jarvis didn’t disappoint.  Jarvis is my 5 year old Labradinger.  I know right, what in the world is that? Just a Labrador / English Springer Spaniel Mixed Breed dog that came with a beard and super protective instincts.  

Ahhhhh, the cows are out.  See, there is a lot of countryside on the east and behind my yard is a farm where sometimes the cows make it to the perimeter of my outback which really is - Jarvis’ outback. He has seen these cows everyday for 4 years yet when given the opportunity to tear out the back door and give the cows a piece of his mind he takes it and that’s what he did.  Hollering and ranting and raving and running back and forth trying to get his point across to the many cows standing on the other sides of the chicken wire completely unbothered yet mesmerized that this fool of a dog keeps carrying on and barking for years yet has not successfully gotten his point across that he’s trying to make.  His point?- it’s his perimeter and back up! Jarvis is a lover but he is a bit extra;).  


Jarvis is my love!! My protector and my medicine, he knows when he’s needed and how.  He is so intelligent he can carry on a conversation as if he understands and hugs and kisses before he leaves the room.  He’s a doll, but when given that slight chance or opportunity to carry on arises he is ON IT! He’s so on it a treat cannot even get his attention (treats rule his world;).


I believe we write our legacy everyday in everything we do.  We spend time with loved ones creating traditions that tell stories to those who will carry them on in our name and theirs.  I have never been the kind of person to see opportunity and seize it with greed.  I suppose some minds are always set on a lot of gold as there is a financial part to whomever gets elected as councilperson for D2 that is huge, so huge we need a GOOD steward of the money as always.  


So who’s eyes are on the prize or who’s eyes are on the community e.g. the people as in you reading this vying for your vote? We all know whom to take seriously and those who may be ranting and raving in one way or another that they are your D2 savior and this is the TIME and they are who you should vote for.  But are they? That decision is up to you come May.  If you are looking to make a good, educated, ‘this is who will represent me the best’ vote, stick with us each week.  As the list grows longer each day with new names  wanting your vote- it’s now time for us to study together and everyone in this community will be able to make an informed decision for them and their families.


We definitely are in an era of uniqueness where ‘radical’, ‘out there’ or ‘bold and brazen’ is real and has gotten into the bloodstream of some who feel it appropriate to carry on in some ways online and in person that gives this district a bad name for professionalism.  


All I can hope is they see their antics and how it makes the community feel- confused, hopeful, hopeless, embarrassed are some words I’ve heard used to describe the feeling of the people. When applied to life I hope we all can see that Jarvis has gotten nowhere with the cattle by all his screaming and hollering and his bold and brazen acts of trying to let the cows know he should be in charge.  His rants have fell on deaf ears.  


I will see you next week neighbors.  Happy New Year and all that goodness!  It’s because of you - yes you, that our community gets to have this free paper each week.  Thank you for taking us home with you and thank you for all of your support this year! Blessings and Love!


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