The Lies of the Cult of the Confederate Lost Cause

January 9, 2019

What is erased, distorted, and untold 

from history becomes a weapon used to create and maintain myth, which in many cases, creates a false racialized foundation passed on to the living, generation after generation. American society has been bound by white supremacy in thousands of systematically arranged images that infuse the mind with the unconscious trappings of racism. We can be dead to the world, yet breathing, from birth to death and never even grasp the controls by which we are subject and often controlled. By this I mean we are told things through an institutionalized educational system, which when looked at closely, are designed to keep us falsely informed. The propaganda of the South is a good example.  


The language of a racist cult is held up in some educational delivery systems designed to ignore the real foundations upon which the Civil War was fought—Slavery! At the top of this pyramid are the ideas of the southern racists, that are taught to the unsuspecting. Neo-Confederates and the daughters and sons of some fake confederate historical groups are at work even after all of their myths have been effectively been disproven. Some neo-Confederates are even claiming that tens of thousands of blacks fought for the Confederate slave owners. What they don’t want to talk about are which blacks and how many? 


At best, there is scant evidence that about 3,000 black man-servants fought for the Confederacy, while over 200,000 fought for an end to slavery. Black man-servants were basically house slaves who thought themselves better than the field slaves because they were treated somewhat better living next to the master. They were the Uncle Toms that obeyed their racist masters. We can find Native Americans, Jews, and others that fought for the racists because they thought they would be awarded in some way or made to believe they were better than their brothers. Even poor whites were fooled into believing that they might own slaves one day. They found out the hard way when the Confederacy passed the “Twenty Negro Law,” which allowed the wealthy plantation owners to escape the Confederate draft laws by saying that those who owned twenty of more slaves did not have to fight for the religious fanatic Robert E. Lee. None of this is explained, because the Cult of the lost Cause fooled millions for years—but no more!


In this way, we must remember that the remains of the Confederacy, their ancestors and others, invented false history for decades across the South. They lost the war, but took up the pen to invent a false history that was turned into a cult with statues being erected to support segregation in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They never mention how brutal a slave master Robert E. Lee was and try to elevate him into some sort of “Saint.” History tells us that Lee was a religious fanatic, often refusing to listen to sound military advice. This is ignored by cult followers that believed the words of the leader of the fake history, Edward Pollard, who wrote a large book after the Civil War that invented history. Pollard was a diehard racist that even tried to say that slavery was beneficial for blacks—pure ludicrousness! There are continuing efforts across the country to remove Confederate statues. The Confederate statue in Travis Park, which was rightly removed, was only a reminder of the thousands of Confederate soldiers that died for a racist cause that they were tricked into believing.




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