January 16, 2019


Monday, January 14, 2019 San Antonio Texas- On Thursday January 17, 2019 Designer Glitz & Glamour Salon and Spa will host the Mississippi Freedom Riders. The Mississippi Freedom Riders are individuals who integrated the segregated busing system in the U.S south during the 1960’s Civil Rights era. Barbara Bowie, Hezekiah Watkins and Patricia Dilworth all former Freedom Riders, will discuss their activism during the Civil Rights era.

This event is free and open to the public. This event is part of Designer Glitz & Glamour’s Cocktails and Conversation Series and is an official Dream Week 2019 event. Designer Glitz & Glamour is located at 222. E. Aviation Blvd in Universal City, Texas. The Mississippi Freedom Riders event is slated to begin at 3pm and ends at 6pm CST. For more information, please contact Designer Glitz & Glamour at 210.566.3711 The Mississippi Freedom will also make an appearance on Friday January 18, 2019 at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.


About The Mississippi Freedom Riders

Freedom Riders were civil rights activists who rode interstate buses into the segregated southern United States in 1961 and subsequent years to challenge the non-enforcement of the United States Supreme Court decisions which ruled that segregated public buses were unconstitutional. 


The Freedom Riders challenged this status quo by riding interstate buses in the South in mixed racial groups to challenge local laws or customs that enforced segregation in seating. The Freedom Rides, and the violent reactions they provoked, bolstered the credibility of the American Civil Rights Movement. They called national attention to the disregard for the federal law and the local violence used to enforce segregation in the southern United States.  Police arrested riders for trespassing, unlawful assembly, violating state and local Jim Crow laws, and other alleged offenses, but often they first let white mobs attack them without intervention.


About Designer Glitz & Glamour Salon and Spa
Born in the Denver Heights neighborhood of East San Antonio, owner LeDale Coles Founded Designer Glitz & Glamour Salon and Spa 10 years ago. The salon is a 4500 sq foot full service salon that offers Hair, Nails,
Esthetician and Massage services. The salon also serves as a meeting place for social and education activities for its clientele.

About Dream Week/ Dream Voice
The mission of Dream Week is to advance the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other great humanitarians like him – by proliferating and modernizing their aspirations of a more equitable and enlightened society for all.




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