January 23, 2019


We kicked off honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with DreamWeek last week at the opening ceremonies breakfast.  From daily speakers and events, an awards luncheon to holding the largest march right here in San Antonio on Monday in our own community streets on the east side of town- we’ve been busy! Doing great and awesome things to honor the legacy of Dr. King.  But we all know, we are far from where we need to be.  The fight still continues on the daily.

On the day of the largest march in the nation, our photographer had to fight like hell to be given the same rights to shoot as other photographers.

We have to remember to put our black community first on the day of the largest march of the nation.



We would get a lot farther if we worked together instead of automatically seeing someone who does the work we do as competition.  One can only hope this will some day sink in because for some reason working together seems to be an issue.  I just want to be a pig.  I don’t want to be a hog.  The smartest man I knew reminded me of that important analogy- pigs just want to get fed while hogs want it all.  In the end, the hogs get slaughtered and the pigs are still over there getting fed.  Don’t be the hog.

It would hardly be a March at all if we all stepped outside our own doors and just walked up and down our own street.  But when we come together- we have the LARGEST MARCH IN THE NATION.



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