January 30, 2019

We just commenced DreamWeek last Saturday with the Mayor’s Ball. A great lineup of artists ranged from comedians to acoustic musicians and spoken word.  Sho Nakpodia, owner and founder of DreamWeek LLC, put on over 171 civic and cultural events that spanned 10 days long.   These 10 days inspire inclusivity and understanding of one another, as we continue the legacy of Dr. King.  To Sho, Deborah, Nicole, Jayna, Erin, and all of the ‘DreamTeam’ The City of San Antonio and, most importantly, your whole community of neighbors are truly grateful for your selfless service. 

Mayor Nirenberg, the guest of honor this special night, had a message for those in attendance. He didn’t have a speech, he had a message.   “We have a lot further to go we are not there yet“ he said.  I like to think I’m always an honest person, and I do believe I’m a pretty good judge of character, as we most are.  Ron inspired me and gave me hope for the city I live in.  He meant the words he said to the beautifully diverse crowd. For a second I forgot Trump was president (ha).  Thank you Mayor (or Jennifer - inside Ball joke ), for your words of inspiration. If there is one thing that is priceless it’s a man’s word.  I believe we have a mayor of his word to continue working, as he explained, to make San Antonio a more compassionate city.  Because we do have a LOT more work to accomplish together.  


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