February 6, 2019


Check out this team of tiny scientists! Bowden Academy kindergarteners took an outdoor trek to the campus garden to discover some of the microscopic details found in nature. Using their magnifying glasses, they chose an object to record (identify, draw, and describe) in their science log, then shared their individual findings with the rest of the class. Butterflies, seashells, and flowers were class favorites.


Every “Engineering Friday” at Pershing Elementary, students from each grade level work on an a STEM-based, hands-on project. Today, the kindergarteners built models of a wall with various types of mortars. They conducted investigations to assess the strength and efficiency of each mortar and came up with solutions to prevent the wall from breaking down.  Photo: SAISD.ORG


The kindergarten kids at Beacon Hill Elementary learn as they play! During their Power Hour, each class engages in a hands-on, problem solving activity that’s both fun and educational. The activities shown include the kids using toy trains to learn about magnets and movement, using balloons to learn about force, motion, and energy, and playing “Build a Character” to practice letter recognition, handwriting, and the process of elimination. Photo: SAISD.ORG


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