February 13, 2019


Next to the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday this is my favorite time of year. DreamWeek in January and Black History Month in February.  We are halfway through Black History Month and I am truly amazed at all of the things we are doing to keep our history alive!  


Let’s explore the definition of “history”.  History is his story.  We are mandated to learn everyone’s story in school but our history.  Who is in charge of documenting our stories? Who is in charge of keeping the documents?  I challenge you to consider, we all are!  


In our community, we have a number of outlets to document our history.  First of all, let’s talk church.  The church keeps historical data of membership and pastors, baptism records, land purchases and sales, etc.  Next; our schools. Schools will have pictures and activity records.  Community newspapers are also a wealth of knowledge.  I have enjoyed reading early copies of the San Antonio Register to understand the black history of San Antonio.


We also have history not often thought of.  Family trees, pictures and recordings of family reunions, weddings, baptisms, graduations and parties.  I encourage you to not only look at the history that impacted the nation and the world but look at the stories we are creating right here at home.  Those stories that might be taken for granted are still a part of our history.  Who knows our lack of recording and promoting our story may keep it out of the mainstream history books.


It is imperative we support our black media, our black press, our black churches, our black businesses.  Take an active part in our history. We are Black history every day! Let’s own it.



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