Malia Obama’s POST-IT Notes are Epic and we are HERE for it!

Malia Obama’s POST-IT Notes are Epic and we are HERE for it!

Malia Obama’s true feelings on Trump     

found on her secret Facebook page.





It is no secret that 65% of the country disapproves of Trumps campaign wall. And surely it includes the Obamas, why wouldn’t it? The Daily Mail uncovered the Facebook account which shows Malia just being normal. I think I’ll put an end to my ongoing frustration also with Trump and put up a few post-it notes myself.



Winning the approval of Joe Biden's daughter, Finn, Malia's FB cover photo is shown above with Post-It notes of her jabs and thoughts of Trump as President. Photo: Daily Mail


Joe Biden‘s daughter, Finnegan, who became close friends with Malia and still remains so, liked and commented on the photo, obviously in total agreement with the rest of us.




Trump is president                      

This is not normal

Donald Trump is evil

Don’t be complacent




All which are written on Post-it notes and completely true to the uninfected trump base voters mindset. Those who’ve been infected by Trump will slam Malia- but those are the infected trump base supporters. Dare a 20 year old's voice ramp up a whole millennial run to the poles- we are here for that too!


Malia and friends after graduation from highschool. Photo: DailyMail

Instead of listing all the reasons each post-it possibly means (other than the obvious truth) let’s allow Malia to have her voice. She is 20 years old now and she is not here for complacency and neither are we.

The Facebook page is listed under another name as a pseudonym and has not been used, publicly, since 2017 per the Daily Mail.


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