Publisher's Note - Andreen McDonald

It is with a heavy broken heart that our cover story shines light on a missing mother Andreen McDonald, 29, whom resided in San Antonio and was the owner and CEO at Starlight Assisted-Living Centers.  

It seems that there are times in our world nowadays where we see a plethora of school shootings, Unarmed men being killed by LE, or as we tragically see here are a beautiful young intelligent caring wife and mother to a six-year-old daughter who is missing and believed to be deceased.  Our women are being disposed of in unconscionable ways.  What is going on to where husbands are killing the very women they vowed to protect?  What’s wrong with divorce, or walking out?  Why do these men who commit such crimes feel like they have to kill? 


Andreen is desperately loved by her family, her daughter, her gym family, her work family, her community, and the world as we fight for justice.  The hurt and wounds of not knowing is what is the worst.  

Women are missing or killed so often and we find out it is the husband.  As in this case here, Andre McDonald is not speaking, Andreen’s husband.  

With many cases catching the nation’s attention, from Kelsey Berreth to Shan’ann Watts and her two young daughters Bella and CeCe who were all killed by their husband/father this past year I must wonder why husbands are killing their wives and sometimes the children as well.  As heart wrenching as it seems... it is.  There are no explanations that ever make any of us say “ahh gotcha”, these men are monsters and cold blooded killers who will answer for every deed they did.  We pray for Andreen, her daughter, her family and friends and all those that love her during this treacherous time.





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